Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Bit Rambley

Some Updates:

Actual conversation that happened today:

Emmory: Mother (yes, she calls me mother), when you went to the hospital, did the dr rip open your tummy to get Ens out?
Me: what?!
Emmory: Did the dr use scissors and rip your tummy when you went to the hospital?
Me: ummm... you are too young to be analyzing this scenario. You are three and I am creeped out right now. We will talk about this in a couple years, okay?
Emmory: okay!

This little peanut is turning two next week. Two! It feels like she just joined our little bunch. I was thinking about doing a cookies and milk party for her. Any ideas for cookie flavors? Recipes?

This little one is a dream. She is such a good baby. She sleeps really well, and I have transitioned from two to three kids pretty well. I believe it had to do with my anticipation level. I was really nervous, because going from one to two kids was really tough for me. However, so far so good.

Now for the Rambles:

-We haven't been out of the house much, so I am getting a little stir crazy. I am still not sure about taking three kids 3 and under out and about. Especially with Emmory and her contrary attitude.

-I haven't really made too many resolutions for the year. For some reason, it still feels like I still have time to make them. The three that I have set in stone are:
       1. Lose 35 pounds.
       2. Face one of my fears (heights) maybe a zip line or hot air balloon. 
       3. Read 20 novels this year.
That's it. Easy enough huh?

-I would love to take a family vacation. Disneyland? My kids would go crazy. If I can manage to stay un-pregnant (I will!) this fall would be a perfect time.

-Back to losing weight, confession time. Losing weight is super hard. I find myself making so many excuses. But it needs to come off. This is really hard to admit, but food is my comfort. I find myself eating my feelings too often. How to find the will power? I thought I would try to do a very raw and honest blogging of my journey, but I don't know if I dare to open up that much. This is something that I am very insecure about, and I usually fail at all attempts. Anything that helps y'all would be so welcome here. What do you think?

-Sorry, but I have to say it... I am thrilled the Broncos are in the playoffs. I usually hate (!) football, but this season has been a fun season to watch.

-I can't wait to watch Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. It opens this weekend here in Denver, plus its my birthday this weekend too. 

-I am turning 30! I am so proud of who I have become from 10+ years ago, that I am embracing my thirties as the best time of my life.

-Something added to my bucket list. Go on a game show. I don't care what one. Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Who's Still Standing (have you seen that one?).

-Hopefully I will starting posting more frequently than once every couple of months.


Rae said...

Three under three! WOWZAS! You are amazing.
That conversation with Emmory was hysterical. Good for you for just saying flat out, "I'll talk to you about it in a few years." I wouldn't have known what to say!
I don't believe in New Year's resolutions. I'm a firm believe the people who keep them, don't wait until Jan 1 to make them. Meaning, of course you still have time! Goals never need to start on a certain date.
Maybe this fall you should take a family trip to Disney Land and come with my parents and me and do the hot air balloon!
Losing weight seriously is hard. I think it's hard and I have no one else to take care of. Other than my job (which does have long hours) and the occasional commitment, my time is my own. So, that being said, don't beat yourself up too much. I know there are always excuses but I think being a mom to three is a pretty darn good excuse.
I'm not really into football either but I watched the Broncos play on Sunday and it was awesome! I think I might root for them all the way.
I cannot WAIT to hear your thoughts on EL&IC. I don't know anyone who's seen it who's also read the book and I'm dying to know what someone else thinks. I personally loved the movie so much more than the book.
Good for you for embracing your 30s! I have always thought the big 3-0 would be much so hard, but the closer I get the less I care. You should definitely be proud of who you are and definitely make your 30s the best years yet!
I LOVE game shows and have a secret desire to go on Wheel of Fortune. :)

Olivia said...

gorgeous girlies!!

Elise said...

Hooray for rambling posts! I feel like you get so much from them! I love that you told Emmory she was creeping you out! haha

The hot air balloon ride is only scary when you look down & think about how high up you are. I am also not a fan of heights, at all, but I really loved the hot air balloon. Go for it!

Trish said...

OH Michelle. How I love you and wish that we lived closer together. :)

And I was so thrilled to see this post from you and an update on your beautiful Es.

Of course it isn't too late to make resolutions--it's never too late to want to improve or make changes. I don't know if you know this particular blogger, but Amanda from Ramblings (used to be Zen Leaf) has been on a weight loss journey the past year and has been really open. She's also joined Sparkpeople which has helped give her a community and support system. Of course being open is totally up to you (I'm pretty sure I tend to overshare), but definitely find something that works for you! Amanda's blog:

I'm trying to lose the rest of my baby weight and it's hard enough with one kiddo that I can't imagine with three. And I've always been a workout junky rather than dieter, but I know you can do it!

And thank you for your honest post, Michelle.

Love you!!!

Oh, and let us know what you think of EL&IC. Not sure I'll see the movie since I LOVED the book so much.


Trish said...

Oh, and we're doing the fit challenge again (well, Jill and Amanda are): You pick your own goals (some people are doing time, I'm doing days...want to work out 50 times--at least 30 minutes--in the next three months)

Michelle said...

Rachel-Lets do Wheel of Fortune together. I think they have family week don't they?! That would be so fun!

Olivia- Thanks girlie!

Elise-My palms start sweating just thinking about heights, that is how big of a wuss I am. I am jealous that you have been in a hot air balloon. That has been on my "bucket list" for so long. Here in Denver they have a hot air balloon festival of sorts every summer. It is so pretty to see all of them in the air at the same time. I think I just may need to do it.

Trish- Thanks for the link. I think I will sign up for Sparkpeople. I am pretty certain I have decided to blog about it. I am hoping that by putting myself out there with abandon, I will stay motivated to follow through. It was a rough weekend to say the least.

The Marks said...

yay an update little ens is so cute. We cant wait to meet her. I love that conversation with emm. Such fun personalities. I would definitely go on wheel of fortune and I almost always guess the last puzzle I would be a millionaire. I always say I need to go on there to make money to pay off all our student loans. haha And Happy Birthday yay for 30!