Wednesday, October 26, 2011

There is a Christmas song in my heart today

I figure today is a great day to update the happenings in Casa del Owens. We had a beautiful day of 80 degree weather on Monday, and woke up today with 5 inches of snow. I love Colorado. Its so bi-polar and we get to enjoy all of the seasons in one week!
We are all doing well in these parts, anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby (girl) #3. We (I) am looking forward to not being pregnant. Currently I am 35 weeks and some change, but according to the Dr. am measuring about 2 weeks ahead. I have never gone early, late in fact, but here's to hoping and delusional thinking/wishing! Anyone want to make bets on arrival date?

To say I love these girls does not do my soul justice. They are my life. I feel as though I have not been doing all I can for them. As a person in the family way, I am not as kind, warm, and nurturing as I should be. The snuggles are not as often as they could be. The house is not as clean as it would be. I only hope they forgive my shortcomings. They are amazing little people. With amazing lessons for me to learn how to become a better person. 

And just for fun:

You're Welcome.