Monday, September 26, 2011

Random Thoughts and Happenings in the Owens Home

-It has been almost two months since I last posted. A lot has been happening and yet it seems that everything is staying the same all at once. Does that ever happen to anyone else?

-I am in my third trimester with my third child. I am exhausted. I am so over being pregnant.

-Emmory is doing okay in school. She is really showing her three year old personality. Who ever coined the phrase "terrible twos" was incorrect. My two year old Emmory was so much more pleasant than this three year old independent, spirited, stubborn (tenacious?) diva. What a challenge she has become, and I am too tired to fight it.

-Ellie is as delicious as ever. Her personality is really starting to shine. She is sweet and sensitive. I love watching her and Em bond together as sisters. It is a great bond that I am glad they will have forever.

-I guess that's really it around here. I wish the weather would cool down a bit. I can't wait to drive through the mountains and see the trees and colors. My favorite time of year is Autumn.

-Hopefully this all doesn't sound so negative. I am just so ready to have this baby already. We did come up with a name, now just to meet her... I still have two months. Gah!!!


Rae said...

It seems like you've been pregnant forever. I can't wait to hear what baby girl's name is!
I bet Denver is soooo pretty in the fall. One day I will visit!

Trish said...

Hope cool weather comes your way soon. I can't imagine being pregnant in the summer (though having a newborn in 100 degree heat was terrible, too).

Can't wait to for little baby Owens to make her entrance. I kind of hope she's born on Grandpa's birthday. :)

I think terrible twos is a load of poo. I absolutely agree about it being three+

Steph said...

I can't believe you'll be a mom of 3! You are super woman! This is the first year I've let myself enjoy autumn and I never realized how great it is, I can see why it's your favorite. P.S. I need your white chicken chili recipe.

Elise said...

Hoping these next two months go quickly for you. I know that feeling of just wanting to be done.

I like these kind of posts...little snippets and peek into your lives.

Brooke said...

I have already mentally prepared myself for Emma to be a terror until she is 4. That way I hopefully won't be so disappointed when she is still a terror all through her 3's. I heard that once they hit 4 it's like the last 2 years of horror never happened. Cross my fingers...

Post some new pictures!!!