Friday, August 27, 2010

I have an Injury


So I am totally embarrassed. I have been running 3 times. That's it. Three. And what happens? A knee injury. I have been doing all the right things to my knowledge, but I am still a very novice runner so I am not sure. I am hoping to be back in my running shoes first thing next week, and until then... lots and lots of ice.

Have any of you ever had a running injury?



Trish said...

I have bad feet (have had surgery on one) so my legs are really unbalanced. I twist my knees, my ankles, and sometimes even feel it in my hips. Maybe just jog until you can build up to running? I have to do this when I'm getting back into the "sport"

The Marks said...

Hope your injury heals fast. I have had a little stress fracture in my foot and other foot problems darn flat feet. And lately its been my left hip that has given me trouble. I really like biking. You may want to check your shoes to see if thats causing you problems.

ashley said...

Michelle - It's Cody. When I started running consistently just over a year ago it seemed like every time I started to get into a rhythm I would get injured and have to miss a week. It was very unmotivating, but just keep your head up and always know that you are going to get back out there. I think your body just needs time to adjust to change. I have been doing it 5 days a week now for over a year and feeling great!