Saturday, November 1, 2008


Here she is at three months getting ready to go swimming.

Out at dinner, I have no idea what has her so captivated... She is about 2 months here.

After her shower, we love to play with all of that hair!

With her hater blockers on. She is about three weeks here.

Her very first picture at the Hospital. She is only a few hours old. I can't believe how different she now looks.

Today at six months old.

Today Emmory is six months old. I can hardly believe it. She has changed in so many ways, and every day is a new discovery of who she is becoming. I have absolutely loved every minute of being her mother. She really is such a sweety, and always makes me smile. Here are some things that inspire my love...

1- She sings in the car when the radio is on
2- She absolutely LOVES the shower
3- When she gets excited she kicks her feet really fast
4- She has a stubbornness about her
5- She is very sweet
6- She is a joy in the mornings (NOT like her mother)
7- She loves to gives kisses
8-Her smile is to die for
9- She likes watching a football game (just like her dad)
10- She loves books
11- She loves to eat
12- She is mild tempered and will go to anyone without crying
13- She loves playing "shoot to the moon" with her daddy
14- She loves to hold the phone to her ear and listen to whoever is there
15- When she gets annoyed, she has this squeal that is like nails on a chalk board, and she lets you know that she is bugged.
Emmory has really been the best thing in my world. I am looking so forward to more time and pictures, and adventures and smiles...


Trish said...

Wow!! Is time going by really fast for you? In that last picture she already looks so grown up! I'm sure that squeal of hers is something to be desired, but it sounds like the other things make up for it so much more!

michellekae said...

Even that squeal puts a smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

you are such a cute mommy!! happy 6 months emm!!!