Thursday, September 18, 2008

A New Love

I have started this new reading love and because I will be joining some reading challenges and reviewing them, I have started a seperate blog (it seems appropriate). So you can find it at the following link: . I will be getting more pics of Em up soon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The start of Football Season.....

The start of football season is officially under way!!!! It's hard not to get into the spirit of things when you are living in Bronco country. The Bronco's had a great game against the Raiders last night. Let's hope this season is a good one.........

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Some Random Pictures

She has just started sucking on these two fingers for some reason....

She loves dinner time! Yummy...

Being a big girl!

Her first time swimming. She loves to splash the water. Don't you love the double chin?

And this is her favorite puppy. She loves it.

10 favorite things about being a mom

1- Watching her grow right before my eyes. Every day she has changed in some way.

2- Watching her learn new and simple things like rolling over.

3- Knowing that I can calm and comfort when she is hurting. (She is teething)

4- Knowing that for these short moments in her life, she is perfect in God's eyes.

5- Knowing that I was chosen to teach this child about life, and what it's purpose is. Being a parent gives life such a deeper meaning and purpose.

6- Singing silly songs to her and watching her laugh.

7- Bath time. She loves to splash and play.

8- Holding her. It is a great time for me to sit quietly and just be. There is no where to be and nothing to stress about when I am looking into her eyes.

9- Her tiny hands holding my finger. Her trusting me. It is a great feeling...

10- And the BEST thing about being a mommy....Her smile. I can't help but smile back when I see it.